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What is the story behind Remitly and how has the company grown since its founding?

Remitly was founded in 2011 by Matt Oppenheimer and Josh Hug, two entrepreneurs who were inspired to create an international money transfer platform after experiencing the difficulties and costs associated with sending funds abroad. Since then, the company has experienced rapid growth, expanding into new markets and increasing its customer base around the world.

What makes Remitly different from other remittance companies?

One of the main differences between Remitly and other remittance companies is its focus on technology and innovation. The company has developed a cutting-edge platform that allows customers to send money quickly and securely, with competitive rates and exchange rate transparency. Additionally, prides itself on offering exceptional customer service, with multilingual support and real-time tracking options.

What services does Remitly offer and in which countries are they available?

Remitly offers a variety of money transfer services, including direct bank transfers, cash deposits, and home delivery. The company operates in more than 100 countries worldwide, allowing customers to send funds to recipients in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

How secure compared to other remittance companies?

Remitly takes the security of its customers’ money transfers very seriously, using state-of-the-art encryption measures to protect sensitive information. The company also complies with international banking and financial regulations, ensuring that transactions are carried out safely and risk-free.

What are the fees and exchange rates you charge for your services?

Remitly charges competitive rates for its money transfer services, which vary depending on the country of origin and delivery method. The company also offers real-time exchange rates, allowing customers to know exactly how much their recipients will receive in local currency.

How long does it take for the money to reach its destination?

The delivery time for money transfers with Remitly varies depending on the destination country and the delivery method selected. In general, direct bank transfers usually arrive within one or two business days, while cash deposits and home delivery may take a little longer.

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